People Think Rihanna’s FENTY x PUMA Jelly Slides Are Basically $1 Jelly Slides From Asia

By: Extra Eric

B**** better have my jellies!

According to Mashable, people all over the Internet — especially Asia — think Rihanna is pulling a fast one on us. Apparently, her new FENTY x PUMA jelly slides look very similar if not exact to jelly slides from Asia that only cost $1…

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“These plastic “jelly” slippers are a common sight across Asia, and are often sold cheaply in places like markets and roadside stalls. The slippers, which are waterproof and known for their rubbery grip, are also sometimes worn to wet markets or toilets.”

People are guessing the cost will be around $80-$90 a pair because he other “Bow” slides cost $90. So you could buy 90 pairs of jellies, or just one of RiRi’s for the same cost.

That’s the price of fashion!


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