Gronk in Upcoming Music Video
Gronk is now a music video vixen, if you will. He just shot a video for his buddy 3LAU. The video is going to be released in early May and is raising money for the ACLU. In the video, Gronk lets ladies eat sushi off of him and has a pillow fight on a trampoline. His WWE buddy Mojo Rawly is also in the video. Gronk met the musician at a club, and the guy joked that Gronk should be in his video, and Gronk freaked out and said he’s always wanted to. Mission accomplished.

Serena Williams is Preggo
Serena Williams announced via a photo on social media that she is 20 weeks pregnant. She showed her baby bump while wearing a swimsuit. And yes – that means she won the Australian open almost two months pregnant. She recently got engaged to the co-founder of Snapchat.

Prince Music: NOT Happening For Now
Just a day after it was announced that new Prince music would be hitting on Friday to commemorate one year of his passing, Prince’s estate began working to remove it… and judge agreed that the producer didn’t have a right to publish it. No new music for now.

Rihanna Rings Up Customers at Puma
We know Rihanna has her collaboration with Puma… and to celebrate her new collection, she showed up at a Puma store to ring customers up as they were checking out. With champagne in hand. No surprise, people were freaking out.

Will Smith in Talks for Disney’s Aladdin
Reports are swirling that Will Smith is in talks to play the Genie in Disney’s upcoming live action Aladdin movie. You’ll remember Robin Williams played the genie in the original 1992 movie.

Drake: Not Pressing Charges Against Burglar
I told you earlier this week that a chick broke into Drake’s house, threw on one of his hoodies and started drinking a Pepsi, a Sprite and Fiji Water. I also told you she could be face felony charges. But Drake is awesome – he said he absolutely will not cooperate in a felony prosecution because he feels like she might have some mental stuff going on and wants her to get help instead of becoming a felon.

Mariah Carey Buys Manager $34k Gift
Mariah Carey celebrated her manager’s birthday the other day by throwing her a party complete with a Luis Vuitton trunk as a birthday gift which cost $34,000. Oh, and as for the entertainment – of course Mariah played a lot of her own songs.

Seth Rogen is a Frat Bro Now
Seth Rogen is now officially a fraternity brother. He became an honorary Pi Kappa Alpha brother at the University of Vermont. He was there to thank them for raising so much money for his alzheimer’s charity. The frat raised over $30k — so they went bowling with him and had an induction ceremony to celebrate.

Malia Obama Proposed to at Internship
Malia Obama was proposed to at work the other day… but it definitely wasn’t what she was looking for her. A guy who has tried to break into the White House showed up twice at her internship, and asked her to marry him. She didn’t want to make a scene, so she kept her cool – and of course, her Secret Service agents took care of the entire thing.

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