Maluma’s Album Cover For ‘Felices Los 4’ Es Muy Caliente, New Music Drops Friday

By: Extra Eric

Yeah, we’re not ready for this…

After teasing his 23.2 million followers with a video yesterday, presumably from an upcoming single, Maluma revealed the cover for his new album Felices Los 4 on Instagram. He did the classic 9 different photos making up the one photo move which is annoying tbh, but it’s Maluma so it’s more than okay.

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The “El Perdedor” singer captioned every photo “21/04❌,” so it’s still unclear if the album will be dropping then or just a single that has to do with the video he teased yesterday.

In a recent interview with Idolator, he revealed he will make music in English. “I don’t want leave out my Spanish or my Latin world, but I want to grow in this American world. And to do it, I have to do it in English, because if I don’t, they are not going to understand what I say” he said. “So yes, I want to release some music in English, but I will try to keep the balance β€” songs in Spanish and English.”

Friday can’t come soon enough…

PRONTO … 21 4bril ❌

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