Fate of the Furious Slays the Box Office
The Fate of the Furious opened this weekend with over $532M globally, making it the biggest worldwide opening ever – yes, beating Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Boss Baby sat at number 2 and Beauty and the Beast held strong at number 3.

Kendall Jenner: No Pepsi Mentions in Interviews
Kendall Jenner hit up Coachella this weekend and had plenty of interviews lined up. Guess what media outlets were strictly forbidden to ask about? Yep, Pepsi. No direct or indirect mentions of it – or else she not only will leave the interview, but they’ll never be able to interview her again.

Awesome Couples Co-Parenting
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon continue to kill the co-parenting game. The two celebrated Easter together with their kids this weekend. The family dyed eggs together. Speaking of which… Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner went to church together this weekend – yes, after officially filing for divorce. But TMZ is reporting that Ben is moving out of their house and he’s already casually dating someone.

Lady Gaga Debuts New Song at Coachella
Lady Gaga performed at Coachella this weekend – she famously took the place of Beyonce – and debuted a new song called The Cure.

Lorde Plays Surprise Show Before Coachella
Lorde played a surprise show before her Coachella set this weekend at a bar 50 miles away from where Coachella takes place. She announced it to her fans and they sold the place out in under one minute.

Harry Styles Does Amazing on SNL, Passes Food to Fans
Harry Styles was on SNL this weekend and sang his song Sign of the Times… and he sounded phenomenal. Before the show, fans were waiting in line on Friday to get tickets and Harry sent pizza and plates of kiwi out to those waiting. He has a song on the upcoming album called Kiwi.

50 Cent Chick Lawyering Up
Remember I told you about 50 Cent punching a fan when she tried to pull him down off stage? And how it was sort of an accident but not completely? And then later she hopped up on stage to twerk and everything seemed fine? Guess who got herself a lawyer. Yep.

SNL Does Big in Ratings
This past weekend, Saturday Night Live went live coast-to-coast in all time zones at the same time with Jimmy Fallon as host… and it got its highest ratings since February. And, compared to the same spot last year, SNL is up over 28% in overall viewers.

Carrie Fisher Not Appearing in Episode 9?
Last week, Carrie Fisher’s brother made headlines for announcing that she would be appearing in Star Wars Episode 9… but apparently, he was wrong. The president of Lucasfilm clarified over the weekend that he must have been confused – Carrie is NOT in it. Time will tell – it’s expected in 2019.

Orlando Bloom Dating Nina Dobrev
Orlando Bloom has definitely moved on from Katy Perry – he is reportedly dating Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries.

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