By Rami Abou-Sabe

Upstart indie-electro trio A R I Z O N A have released their single “Electric Touch” off the upcoming Gallery. The video, based off a true love story, showcases young couple, Hailee and Carly.

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Hailee sent a letter to the band in early 2017 prior to a trip with girlfriend Carly to see their favorite group in Seattle. Hailee had one simple request, for the band that meant so much in her relationship to dedicate a song to Carly.

A R I Z O N A did one better, they dedicated an entire video to the couple. Check out the video up top to see Hailee’s note transcribed over footage of the couple attending the concert.

While the New Jersey band is relatively unknown nationally, “Electic Touch” is bound to put the group on the map. Zippy synths, funky riffs, and an infectious hook make “Electric Touch” a fine addition to your spring lineup. Whether the momentum will carry over into a summertime anthem is yet to be seen, but this writer would not be surprised.

A breathy refrain of “I don’t wanna think about the distance / I just wanna be in your existence / So give me your electric touch,” rings out before snappy guitar and smile-inducing synth work takes over. Kygo-inspired tropical house elements flesh out the toe-tapper.


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