By: Extra Eric

Yes, I know guac is extra!

Can you believe Machine Gun Kelly used to work at Chipotle?! He opened up about it in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

The “Bad Things” singer said is favorite thing about working at the location in Cleveland was that he got 1 free meal every day. “Or the fact that I killed the guac. Everybody was always like, ‘Damn, the guac is banging today!’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, yeah. I made that shit!'”

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When asked about how he was working behind the counter, he revealed that he was the employee you wanted to make your order. “When people said, ‘Yo, let me get a little more chicken,’ and the person next to me didn’t want to give it to them, I’d tap them on the shoulder and say, ‘Bro, this is not our chicken. None of our family owns Chipotle. Give everyone as much chicken as they f****** want!’ If you ever came through my line, you would have a bowl full of chicken.”

Talk about employee of the month. Although, his one downfall was making burritos — a staple of the Mexican chain. “They never let me roll the burritos because I always f***** the burritos up. They’d burst every time.”


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