Katy Perry Covers Vogue, Talks Beyonce And Adele

By: Extra Eric

Katy Perry is opening up about this new era in her career, which she has said before is “Purposeful Pop.”

In her cover interview with Vogue, she talks how her new direction will be “Androgynous, Architectural, and Political.” The “Chained To The Rhythm” songstress recently buzzed her hair and died it blonde — think Justin Bieber — but these photos are pre-haircut.

She talked a few hot topics — from Madonna to Cher to The Election — and naturally commented on Beyonce and Adele.

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When it comes to Beyonce: “Our modern-day Michael Jackson. She has come into her own, showing that it’s OK to be strong and vulnerable at the same time—and that vulnerability is not a weakness, it’s actually a strength”

On Adele: “I really appreciate people who don’t fall down the rabbit hole and have a grasp on what’s real.”

Such kind words all around, but I feel like Adele could’ve been given a little bit more praise tbh seems a bit basic.


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