“I would be apprehensive to believe any words that come out of Jonathan Schwartz’s mouth.”

By Robyn Collins

Alanis Morissette’s former manager, Jonathan Schwartz, recently pled guilty to embezzling millions of dollars from his clients, and he has issued an apology in an open letter. But Morrissette’s not so quick to forgive.

“I would be apprehensive to believe any words that come out of Jonathan Schwartz’s mouth,” she said in a statement. It’s easy to understand Morissette’s skepticism since Schwartz was caught stealing nearly $5 million from her, reports NME.

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In his letter, Schwartz wrote: “At first, I ‘borrowed’ a little from clients, with the hopes that I would pay them back if I won that night’s bet. That snowballed, and as I kept losing, I kept stealing. I kept telling myself that I just needed one lucky break, and I’ll pay them back.

He continued: “[W]hen I was finally caught, a bright spotlight shined on my deplorable conduct. I could not hide any longer and hit rock bottom. By seeing how pathetic I had become, I finally got the courage to ask for help.”

Morissette wasn’t aware of Schwartz’s actions until she took her business to someone else at GSO Business Management, and discovered that millions of dollars were missing.

Schwartz was removed from the firm, and sued following his removal GSO repaid all of the missing money to clients.

Morissette settled her lawsuit with Schwartz and the firm, but now, GSO has their own lawsuit against Schwartz.

In January 2016, Schwartz pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud and subscribing to a false tax return for failing to disclose the embezzled funds to the IRS. He is set to be sentenced next month.

He has also reportedly represented Beyoncé and Mariah Carey.


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