Loren’s LoDown 4/11/17: Chris Brown Drug Investigation

Gronk Parties it Up in Vegas
Gronk has been enjoying his off season… he was spotted in Vegas hanging out with his WWE buddy Mojo Rawley. They partied with David Guetta in the DJ booth and danced in just their bathing suits while bottle service girls sprayed them with champagne. LOL!

50 Cent Punches Fan, Kinda, Oooops.
50 Cent was performing the other day and reached down to a fan in the front row who tried to pull him down towards her. In order to free himself, he punched at her hand… and ended up kinda punching her too. He got back up on stage and invited her up. She came on stage and was later twerking, so it looks like there’s no hard feelings.

The Rock Surprises Disney-Goers
The Rock has been attached to a Disney project called Jungle Cruise, which is based upon the ride at Disney… and he celebrated and rehearsed for the role by commandeering the actual ride at Disney. He surprised everyone on the ride – and some people didn’t believe it was really him.

.. (I think the lady to my right is snapping a pic of my bootaaaay) Surprise! Once I committed to our Disney partners to make the movie based off the JUNGLE CRUISE ride, I wanted to dive head first into the research. So I headed to Walt Disney World and surprised tourists by commandeering the JUNGLE CRUISE boat. It was a GREAT day on the river. Learned a lot.. for example, it takes approximately 12.6 minutes for all the passengers to get over the shock of me jumping on the boat and thinking I'm a DJ look-a-like. One passenger even said, "Oh the real Rock is much smaller than this guy". I threw his ass off the boat. Jokes aside (and yes, with me as the Cruise Skipper there will be an abundance of puns) this is such an amazing, fantastical and cool world to build out. Best part about this surprise research day was knowing how FUN of an experience we're gonna work hard to create for families around the world. That's the part that gets my excited the most. The movie. The ride. The experience. It's the cruise of a lifetime. And trust me, you'll want me as your Skipper. Just don't forget to bring the Skipper's beer. Next step… we find our visionary director. #SurpriseAroundEveryCorner #ResearchDay #DisneyWorld #AllAboard #JungleCruise

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Chris Brown Investigated for Drug Charges
Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are reportedly part of a federal drug investigation. Feds have been zeroing in on a drug dealer in Florida who has bragged about giving drugs to both of them. He specifically showed a girl a picture of a $15k deposit that was from Chris for drugs like lean.

Katy Perry Jokes About Ryan Phillippe Dating
Alert: Katy Perry has cut even MORE of her hair off. Now it’s not a pixie cut, it’s like a Justin Bieber cut. BTW – apparently, tabloids think that she is dating Ryan Phillippe – so there have been helicopters hovering over his house. So he went on Twitter and was like, we’re not dating so if you guys can call off the helicopters that would be great…and then someone joked that Ryan said exactly what someone would say if he was keeping Katy Perry locked in his basement… and then this happened…

Ryan Reynolds Blasted Marvin Gaye in the Delivery Room
Blake Lively was playing Fact or Fiction with Michael Kors, and revealed that Ryan Reynolds was playing Marvin Gaye when she had her baby.

Kelly Clarkson Mangles Note, Can’t Stop Laughing
Kelly Clarkson was recording the other day when she missed a note, and couldn’t stop laughing.

Michael Buble’s Son is Doing Well
Really great news– a few months ago it was reported that Michael Buble’s three-year-old son had cancer… and his wife just announced that he is well again. So, that’s so fantastic.

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