By Rami Abou-Sabe

Deadmau5, born Joel Zimmerman, found himself in another Twitter spat last night. And this time, the mau5 won.

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Before Deadmau5 took the stage at UMass Lowell’s Tsongas Center Monday night (Apr. 10), a staff member named Dan sent out a public tweet disparaging Zimmerman and his fans.

While the initial zinger has since been removed and the account made private, one user reports Dan’s message went something like this: “If you’re going to the [Deadmau5] show tonight, know even the employees are laughing at you.”

Zimmerman, never one to shy away from a fight, went on the offensive. “You might as well go home before we find you,” wrote the producer in response to Dan’s now-deleted remarks.

In just 11 minutes, the employee had been sent home. “Well that was easy,” chided Zimmerman, patting himself on the back. “Dan, word of advice for your drive home, stay in your lane. And don’t s**t tweet the acts and fans who pay your bills.”

Deadmau5 faithful ate up the drama, dubbing the incident #DanGate. “How to lose your job in 1 simple tweet,” wrote one user. “How to get fired from a venue 101: tweet negatively at the one of the largest headliners the venue has seen in 6 months,” joked another.

The agitated producer continued his tirade when a third user stuck up for Dan. “So butthurt by a tweet that you got a kid sent home from work, I personally think you’re mad lame for that,” wrote the defensive fan. “Your music still sucks.”

Zimmerman backed up his actions with aggressive language and an oddly-placed smile. “Well… maybe you shouldn’t act like a f****n t**t on twitter as if it didn’t have real life implications :).”

Check out the evidence (or at least what hasn’t been deleted) below.


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