Loren’s LoDown 4/10/17: Mariah Carey Announces New Album

Boss Baby Wins Box Office
The Boss Baby won the weekend box office once again, with $26.3M. Beauty and the Beast held strong in its fourth week with $25M and the Smurfs Lost Village movie premiered to only $14M.

Carrie Fisher Appearing in Episode IX
Carrie Fisher’s brother has revealed that Disney likely will be using previously-shot footage to include Princess Leia in Episode IX. They might use un-used footage from The Last Jedi and the Force Awakens to make it happen. The Last Jedi will be released December 15th and Episode IX is reportedly set for 2019.

Simon Cowell Helped Mel B Leave her Boyfriend
So Mel B from the Spice Girls broke up with her husband because he allegedly abused her… and apparently, Simon Cowell helped her leave him. He’s known Mel for years thanks to the X Factor and America’s Got Talent, so he’s known her husband, and Simon sat her down and basically said that he was a bad dude and helped her leave him.

Bradley Cooper Welcomes Baby
Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend of two years welcomed their baby two weeks ago, and were able to keep it under wraps until this weekend. It’s not known whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Selena Gomez Gets Matching Tattoos
Selena Gomez and the co-stars of her Netflix series 13 Reasons Why got matching tattoos to celebrate the show. It’s a semi colon, on each of their forearms, which symbolizes mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Selena Gomez and the Weeknd are Insta-official. He posted a picture of her kissing him over the weekend.

Chrissy Tiegen Pays for Girl’s Beauty School
Chrissy Tiegen, AKA John Legend’s wife, recently paid for a fan of hers to go to beauty school. The girl put out a go fund me for $6k and Chrissy came across it… so she dropped $5600, the remainder of the balance, for the girl to head to beauty school.

Ashton Kutcher Accepts Character Award
Ashton Kutcher was back in his home state of Iowa to receive an award honoring his character, and had some great things to say about keeping a positive outlook and learning from your mistakes.

Britney & Justin Collabbing?
The internet is convinced that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are working on music together again. Timbaland reportedly went on a liking-spree of all photos of the two of them when they used to date, and then Justin’s mom did the same thing… and Justin is working with Timbaland right now in the studio.

Mariah Carey Putting Out New Album
Mariah Carey is putting out an album this year, so we can look forward to that. And she just broke up with her backup dancer rebound boyfriend. Shocker. They reportedly haven’t seen each other since March.

Gronk’s Party Ship Causing a Stir
Gronk’s party ship is causing a little bit of a stir… during the February 2016 voyage, a couple of the rappers who were on the boat as entertainment were hanging out near the pool when suddenly someone dropped a number two and left a $20 bill in it. The cameras weren’t able to pick up who it was… but one of the guys is blaming Flo Rida… but sort of as a joke. Regardless, all of the celebrities in that VIP area where it happened are now banned from Norwegian cruise lines.

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