By: Extra Eric

The booty shakin’ tracks just keep on coming.

Hot of the heels of the “Mo Bounce” video, a new video clip has surfaced about a possible Iggy Azalea project. It says “IGGY X ANITTA” with a new track in the background…presumably from Iggy’s upcoming album Digital Distortion, which will be released the first week of June.

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According to Breathe Heavy, Anitta is a pop star from brazil who became famous from her hit song “Show Das Poderosas.” “Iggy’s initial plan with DD was to feature no other artists, but after some major life changes, she decided to switch things up.”

The song really sounds like it could be a huge hit. Bringing in an artist that’s not mainstream in the U.S. could add for a more diverse sound, which is needed right now tbh.


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