Gronk Freestyles Over Biggie
Gronk did a little Freestyle over Biggie’s Hypnotize beat… and oh my god he’s awful. But he’s so awesome so it’s fine.

Harvard Holding Contest to Update Song
Harvard is holding a contest to update its alma mater song. It references the Puritans, which Harvard has deemed outdated and they are asking for suggestions for an alternate line. Additionally, they’re asking for an updated version of the song as a whole, like an electronic music version or a hip hop version. The winner will be announced in 2018.

Shia LaBeouf Freaks Out on Bartender
Shia LaBeouf didn’t have the best night… earlier this week he was spotted drinking at a bar in a bowling alley… and then went off on the bartender about not serving him french fries, and then Shia called him a racist. Best part? Shia left… and realized he still had his bowling shoes on, so he had to come back… and THEN he left AGAIN. As he was leaving, he literally ran away as soon as he got outside.

Tom Brady Feeds Glass to David Blaine
Tom Brady and Gisele had David Blaine over for dinner the other night, and Tom hand-fed David a piece of glass, which he then chewed… so creepy. Gisele asked David if he wanted a banana… and then Tom joked by almost putting the glass in his own mouth… and Gisele¬†wasn’t having it.

Ed Sheeran Dishes on Game of Thrones
Ed Sheeran opened up about his guest spot on Game of Thrones, noting that he’s really only in the show for about 5 minutes, but the good news his – spoiler alert – he doesn’t die. He said he does hope his character gets to have some sexy time, though.

Jimmy Fallon has Ride at Universal
Jimmy Fallon has his very own ride at Universal Studios now. It’s been in the works for three years, and yesterday he was at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the ride called Race Through New York. Jimmy gave a sweet speech, saying “if you keep dreaming big, anything is possible.”

Iggy Azalea Twerked and Lost 15 Pounds
Iggy Azalea said that she rehearsed so much for her video for her song Mo Bounce, and twerked so often, that she lost 15 pounds… in one week. WTF?

Kylie Jenner Getting Reality Show
Kylie Jenner is reportedly getting her very own reality show. I’m surprised it took this long. It’s maybe going to be called Life of Kylie. Enjoy, America – you made these people famous.

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