Demi Lovato Talks Sobriety on Ellen
Demi Lovato was on Ellen and talked about celebrating her 5th year of sobriety. She was also on Corden last night too – did some Adele… and Katy Perry.

JLo Talking Marriage with A-Rod?
After just three months of dating, a source claims that JLo and A-Rod have already discussed marriage. OK.

Pepsi Pulls Dumb, Stupid Ad
After much controversy, Pepsi pulled their ad featuring Kendall Jenner ending racial tensions by handing a police officer a Pepsi. The company apologized not only to the general public but also specifically to Kendall. Before it was pulled, Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter sent a tweet about the ad vent viral, saying “If only daddy would have known about the power of Pepsi.” Additionally, one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement called the ad a “personal insult.”

Kim K Selling Butt Pool Floatie
Kim Kardashian is now selling a pool floatie in the shape of her butt, wearing a thong. So. Have a great time with that.

Amy Schumer Chats About Self Confidence
Amy Schumer opened up to In Style Magazine, noting that aging doesn’t scare her because her looks were never something that she relied on. She added that her parents made her feel like a genius supermodel, and it was too late when she found out they were lying – so it instilled a very large sense of self-confidence in her.

Britney Influencing Overseas Elections
I told you the other day that Britney Spears is going to be performing in Tel Aviv in July… well, it happens to be the same day that there was supposed to be a primary election. And they’re pushing the election back a day to avoid traffic and safety & security issues. Totally nuts. BTW – after she wraps up her current Planet Hollywood contract this December, Britney is supposedly taking a little break. They’re speculating there might be a name-change of her show, to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of Baby One More Time.

Jay Z & Beyonce Vacationed at the Grand Canyon
Jay Z and Beyonce revealed how they celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary last year – they JUST hit their 9th one a few days ago btw – they took Blue Ivy to the Grand Canyon. I love how they manage to keep that stuff private and not let it get out until they want it to.

Alec Baldwin v. his Director
Seriously, go here and read this entire exchange. It is the cattiest bunch of Hollywood BS I have seen in a while. It’s so good. Bring some popcorn.

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