Loren’s LoDown Weds 4/5/17: Taylor Swift Working on New Album?

TB12 Wears Expensive Clothes
It costs a lot to look as good as Tom Brady. He was “dressed down” at opening day on Monday, but dressing down isn’t cheap. His wardrobe mainly consisted of Tom Ford & Under Armour and it would cost you just under $2k if you wanted his sweater, sunglasses, jeans and shoes.

Pepsi Faces Backlash for Unity Commercial
Pepsi is facing a lot of backlash for their new ad, which stars Kim Kardashian’s little sister Kendall Jenner. In it, she joins a group of protestors and hands a police officer a Pepsi, seemingly ending police brutality and bringing peace & unity. It’s being panned as insensitive and tone-deaf. Pepsi stands behind their ad, saying it showcases a moment of unity.

Shia LaBeouf’s Movie Made Less than $9.00
Shia LaBeouf’s latest movie had a limited release in the UK… and sold just ONE ticket over the weekend. So his movie brought in a whopping $8.70.

Beyonce’s Social Worth $1M
Did you know… Beyonce is the most influential celebrity on social media. Each one of her posts is theoretically worth $1M. Selena Gomez is right behind her… each of her posts is worth $750,000.

Tom & Gisele Snag 12th-Floor Apartment (Get It?)
Page Six is reporting that Tom and Gisele’s new Manhattan apartment is going to be on the 12th floor. They reportedly went to contract on a $20M 11th floor apartment and TB12 made the request – floor 12 please. It’s $32M, has 5 bedrooms and a 1900 square-foot terrace.

Harry Styles Shooting Video
Only two more days until Harry Styles releases his solo song, Sign of the Times. He was seen in Scotland filming the video for it. And he at one point hooked himself up to a helicopter harness. BTW – sources claim that Liam Payne is set to debut his own single next month.

Drake Snags $120k Necklace
Drake just wrapped up his tour and treated himself to a new piece of jewelry, another owl pendant. It’s made of solid gold and blue, canary and white diamonds. And pink sapphires. How much? A mere $120k.

Alec Baldwin: Whitney Houston was Weird when we Met
Alec Baldwin’s upcoming memoir is revealing a lot about his interactions with fellow celebrities, like the time he met Whitney Houston back stage at SNL and he told her that she was the most talented singer out there. Her response? “I know baby.” He also said that he once had a party where the Clintons attended. The secret service had asked for a designated bathroom to be blocked off and only for use of the President. So, Alec put up a sign… and Bill went to use the bathroom later in the night, but it was locked. After they knocked on the door, who walks out… but Alec’s mom. He was so embarrassed, and President Clinton put his arm around Alec and said “don’t worry, I have a mother too.”

Katy Perry Googles Herself to Feel Better
Hysterical – whenever Katy Perry is feeling bad about herself, she googles “Katy Perry hot” and makes herself feel better. LOL

was feeling insecure about my last two posts so

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Taylor Swift Working on New Music?
A source is claiming that Taylor Swift has been focusing on her new album, which is why we haven’t seen much of her. They confirmed the idea that Ed Sheeran had put out there, that she wants to put out her album this year.

Alec Baldwin Trump-ing 3-4 More Times on SNL
As this season of SNL starts to wind down, Alec Baldwin revealed that he’s committed to playing Trump in about three or four of the remaining episodes. So, get ready.

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