Loren’s LoDown Mon 4/3/17: Boss Baby Beats Beauty & the Beast

Tom & Gisele Catch Show in Medford
You might’ve spotted Tom & Gisele if you were near Medford on Saturday… the two hit up a concert of one of Gisele’s favorite musicians, Maria Gadu. Gisele posted a selfie of the two of them enjoying their evening.

American Idol: NOT Coming Back in 2018?
Just days after we heard that American Idol would be back on the air in 2018, we’re finding out that it might not be the case. There are two companies that own American Idol, and they can’t come to an agreement. Fox and NBC are both interested, but each owner felt the other had a conflict of interest in the deal so negotiations have reportedly been shelved.

Boss Baby Beats Beauty & the Beast
The Boss Baby – with voice over by Alec Baldwin – just dethroned Beauty & the Beast at the box office this weekend. It debuted with $49M domestically. Beauty and the Beast was a tough contender though – it brought in $47.5M in its 3rd week.

JLo & A-Rod Hang with JLo’s Mom
Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod were hanging out in NY this weekend… with JLo’s mom. The three of them were spotted strolling the streets together.

Puma Suing Forever 21 Over Rihanna’s Shoe Designs
Rihanna’s shoe designs for Puma are getting ripped off by Forever 21… and Puma is NOT happy. They’re suing Forever 21, and said that they purposely don’t make a lot of Rihanna’s shoe designs in order to create more demand… and that Forever 21 is messing with that business model.

Chicago Bulls Follow Chance the Rapper
We told you a few weeks ago that Chance the Rapper donated $1M to Chicago Public Schools – and now other big players are getting involved too. The Chicago Bulls announced they’re going to match the donation.

Pink Promotes Strong, Healthy Post-Baby Body
I love Pink so much!!!!

Kim K Doing Surrogacy for Baby #3
Kim Kardashian revealed that the surgery she went through to help her become pregnant again didn’t work… but she and Kanye still really want to have more kids. So they’re definitely looking into surrogacy. I would say, expect a surrogacy announcement soon?

Elton John Told Ed Sheeran to Go Away
Fun fact: Elton John was the one who told Ed Sheeran to take a year-long break. He said everyone is getting sick of him, so it’s best to take a break, rejuvenate and begin again. Which is what he did!

Gronk Hops in Wrestlemania Ring
Gronk was supporting his WWE buddy Mojo Rawley on Sunday when the guy got taken down by his opponent. Gronk got really upset… and he got in the guy’s face. Then, Gronk hopped in the ring to avenge his buddy Mojo. It’s all fake, but man was it fun to watch.

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