Loren’s LoDown 3/20/17: Beauty & the Beast Dominates

Beauty & the Beast Dominates
Beauty and the Beast dominated the box office this weekend, as predicted. It opened to $170M domestically, and it beat Finding Dory for biggest US premiere of a PG movie. Globally, the film opened to $350M.

Katy Perry Gets OK to Buy Old Covenant
A couple of years ago I told you that Katy Perry was trying to buy an old covenant, but the nuns weren’t letting her. Apparently, they were accusing her of witchcraft — they were upset that she went to Salem, Mass. A judge just ruled, though that the house is Katy’s if she wants it.

Autistic Character to Appear on Sesame Street
Sesame Street has a new face in town. On April 10th, they’ll be introducing their newest character, Julia, who has autism. She’s existed in print & digital illustrations for about a year and her first TV debut is set for next month.

Demi Lovato Celebrates Sobriety by Helping Charities
Demi Lovato continues to be on one of the coolest in the business. To celebrate her fifth anniversary of her sobriety, she drove around LA and passed out to checks to different charities. She wrote a $5k check to an animal rescue place, for examples.

Drake Admits to Drunk Texting JLo
Drake dropped his More Life playlist this weekend and in the song Free Smoke, he admitted to still drunk-texting JLo sometimes, despite the two of them no longer hooking up.

Timberlake & Timbaland Working Together Again
Good news Justin Timberlake was spotted at the studio with Timbaland again… so hopefully we have some new music on the way.

Adele Stops Down to Yell at Security
Adele was performing in Australia the other night and stopped her show to yell at one of the security guards who kept telling people to sit down. Adele said “if you don’t like dancing, don’t come to an F-ing music show.”

Mel Gibson Spotted in Boston
Mel Gibson was seen in town over the weekend. He was visiting STIP by Strega, and posed for a photo with the chef and the GM. Mel will begin filming Daddy’s Home 2 in Boston soon.

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