By: Extra Eric

The booty wars have begun!

Iggy Azalea recently dropped the news that her new single “Mo Bounce” will drop on Friday March 24th! She shared the artwork for the single on Twitter, which has fans thinking they’ve seen it before…

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As MTV notes, “she looks gorgeous, and the artwork is rad, though the aesthetic is something we’ve seen before from another fierce, female MC” — Nicki Minaj!

The “No Frauds” rapper broke the Internet a while back with the artwork for “Anaconda.” With “Mo Bounce,” even if the song involves big booties, it looks a little to close to home IMO…maybe she should’ve gone a different route to avoid this comparison. Regardless, it’s so nice to finally have some new Iggy music coming out!!

What do you think?!

7/28 #ANACONDA on iTunes ­čĹů

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