Bebe Rexha Sort-Of Revealed “Massive” Louis Tomlinson Collab On ‘All Your Fault Pt. 2’

By: Extra Eric

I pray to God this news is true…

Fresh out of the Rumor Mill and Bebe Rexha’s own mouth, it appears she might have collaborated on a song with Louis Tomlinson for All Your Fault Pt. 2! The “I Got You” singer revealed the news — sort of — when she stopped by the CBS Radio Culinary Kitchen in Chicago.

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“A new song I just finished with somebody really big from a boyband and it’s probably one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of” she exclaims during the interview. The hosts were unable to pull anything else out of her as she was tight lipped about the project.

But, here’s where Twitter comes in handy. According to Breathe Heavy, “her fans were one step ahead. They noted Rexha and her manager began following Louis Tomlinson on Instagram and Twitter recently. The former One Direction member also followed back. That’s not a confirmation, but where there’s smoke… there’s followers!”

The second part of her debut album will drop next month. There seem to be a lot of signs pointing to the validity of this rumor!!


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