SNL to Air Live Across the Country
For the first time in its 42-season history, Saturday Night Live will be broadcasting live across the entire country at the same time. Until now, Mountain and Pacific time- zones have seen the show on a tape delay. The all-live shows will be the final four of the season, beginning with April 15th. Hosts have been announced, too: Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy and The Rock, respectively.

Tyra Banks Also Hosting Top Model Again
It’s a good week to be Tyra Banks. In addition to her new hosting gig at America’s Got Talent which was announced earlier, it was just announced that she is also going to return to her roots and host America’s Next Top Model. She created it in 2003 and was the host until last year. Fans were upset and she made the decision to come back.

Ryan Reynolds Hates Flying with his Kids
Ryan Reynolds was on Good Morning America yesterday to chat about how awful it is to fly with children.

Ed Sheeran Chats Social Media & Tattoos
Ed Sheeran opened up a little more about social media, explaining that he thinks it’s 0-100. People get riled up very, very fast and the next day they don’t remember anything they said. Also, you know how he has 100 tattoos? He isn’t worried about them looking bad when he gets old, saying “Do you ever see your grandfather with his shirt off? I don’t think I’ll ever regret them.”

Drake’s Playlist Won’t Be Apple-Exclusive
Drake’s “More Life: The Playlist” which is sort of like a playlist/mixtape, is set to be released tomorrow, as we know. Good news is that it’s not an Apple music exclusive – so be on the lookout for it in multiple places.

Beauty & the Beast Breaks Records
Beauty and the Beast has become the fastest-selling family film in Fandango history, and sold out more than 1,000 shows prior to its opening today.

Netflix Making Ratings Changes
Netflix is making some changes. It’s getting rid of the star rating and instead will have a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating. Also, when they make suggestions for you, there will be a match-rating percentage. For example, if there’s a show they’re suggesting that seems to really match your taste, it could say 98% match. If there’s a show that only matches 50% or less of what you like, then it won’t show a match-rating. PS, Netflix beat its own record on January 8th. Users around the world streamed more than 250 million hours of movies and TV that day.

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