Steve Harvey Needed Armed Security After Miss Universe
Steve Harvey revealed that after his flub at Miss Universe, he was harassed so badly and received such terrible threats that he had to get 24/7 armed security at his house. To this day, he still has 2 armed guards outside of his home. People need to RELAX, ohmygod.

CBS Spins Off Big Bang Show
CBS has just picked up a spinoff of the Big Bang Theory, entitled Young Sheldon. It will focus on 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, living in Texas and attending school. It’s created by Chuck Lorre of the Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, and will premiere next fall.

MTV Movie & TV Awards Coming Our Way
MTV is changing up its MTV Movie Awards, and they’ll now be honoring TV as well. The MTV Movie & TV Awards will be taking place on May 7th from Los Angeles. Leading up to the live event, they’ll also be doing a movie & television festival with live musical acts and a red carpet.

Beyonce is Having … BOYS??
They beyhive has a theory that Beyonce is having twin boys. Why? Because she posted a photo of herself wearing earrings that they had seen before… in her IF I WERE A BOY video. HMMM…….

Selena Gomez Creates Lupus Research Fund
Selena Gomez is creating her own Selena Gomez Fund for Lupus Research. She recently revealed she suffers from the disease, and she just donated to the University of Southern California’s school of medicine to help kickstart the fundraising efforts. She hopes to continue the progress of Lupus research.

Angelina & Brad Got “Commitment” Tattoos
Before they filed for divorce, it appears as though Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt got tattoos together. While they weren’t matching, they were done with the same ink, which is supposed to help bind their commitment to one another. Ha.

…But their Kids are Adorably Polite
This makes me happy. Angelina Jolie took some of her kids to a bookstore in London and bought about 30 books. The person who worked at the store said her kids were BEYOND polite. In fact, they needed a copy of a Harry Potter book, and the worker was holding the last one, and gave it to Angelina — and her kids came up and thanked him for giving them the last copy, and called him sir, too. So sweet.

Bieber Parties with Models on a Yacht
Justin Bieber spent his weekend partying with six models on a yacht. Not bad, right? He hung out with them after his performances in Australia.

Charlize Theron Cracked her Teeth
Charlize Theron had to train really hard at the gym for her role in the movie Atomic Blonde, and she actually cracked two teeth in the back of her mouth while training. She had to learn to fight, and apparently she would clench her teeth because her arm strength wasn’t strong enough – and ended up cracking her teeth and is still dealing with surgery.

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