By: Extra Eric

This song needs to be released ASAP!

Charli XCX just dropped a new mixtape titled Number 1 Angel which is a total bop. It features Starrah, Raye, Cupcakke, MØ and Uffie, as well as collaborations with Sophie and Danny L Harle as well.

Apparently, Harle has been blasting a song titled “Up And Down” he created with the “Vroom Vroom” singer. Since this song didn’t make her mixtape it better be on her next album, his next single, or something because it’s a BANGER! Check it out below:

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There’s no word on if the song will even be released, but thankfully someone finally managed to record it somewhat-decently. “We go up we go down — touch the ceiling touch the ground” Charli sings over a pumping beat.

This is definitely a solid party song!


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