By: Extra Eric

I caught up with the one and only Chad Johnson at 103.3 AMP Radio’s Finale Viewing Party last night!

He dished on everything The Bachelor, from Nick Viall and Vanessa, to Corinne and Bachelor In Paradise! “Nick’s been doing it for so long that he knows what to say and what to do….I feel like he played it so safe that you didn’t get to know him, the girls, it was just like ‘wow that’s fantastic!'”

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The one girl the famed Bachelor bad-boy can’t wait to see in paradise is — Olivia Caridi! We can only hope she makes an appearance after turning down an offer for last season. “I’m looking forward to Olivia — she’s actually cool she’s really nice. I think she’ll be on it!” Bachelor Nation would lose it if that happened.

When it comes to the new Bachelorette Rachel Lyndsay, he had an amazing comparison for her time on the show. “I think that’s super awesome for her” he revealed. “She played the Luke card, which is like just show up and be like, ‘Hey — here I am! I’m not going to do anything bad and I’m not going to do anything good, but I’ll just stand there and be good looking.”

Check out the rest of the interview above to hear him dish more about Nick Viall, Vanessa, Corinne, Bachelor In Paradise, and one of the most underrated girls this season Astrid!


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