Lorde Drops Another New Song
Lorde continues to let us hear her new songs before her album drops this summer – it’s called Liability. She’s on SNL this weekend with Scarlett Johansson.

Zuckerberg Announces Kid #2
Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that he and his wife are expecting baby number two. They are already parents to a one-year-old daughter and this second baby is going to be a girl as well. The two are thrilled – not only because it’s a girl, but most especially because his wife had multiple miscarriages before their first child and they were unsure if they would be lucky enough to get pregnant again.

OJ Simpson Coming to Television Post-Prison?
TMZ is reporting that OJ Simpson could be released from jail as early as October, and that he could end up on television in some way. They spoke to many TV production companies and agents, and many showed interest in either putting OJ on TV via a documentary or an in-depth interview. Any money OJ makes would likely go toward a $33M wrongful death judgment against him.

Justin Timberlake (Accidentally?) Insults Adele
Not sure if Justin Timberlake meant to shade Adele, but he was on Twitter praising Calvin Harris’ new song with Frank Ocean and Migos “Slide” (which is my favorite song on AMP right now btw)…

…and then with:

Adele obviously won the Grammy for that category – but Frank was never a contestant to begin with because he didn’t enter his album for consideration.

James Blunt Calls BS on Ed Sheeran’s Knighting Story
Remember when Ed Sheeran claimed that he cut his cheek at a party when Princess Beatrice tried to knight James Blunt and flung a blade around and hit Ed in the face? Well now James Blunt (who is indeed friends with Ed) is saying it was all BS – Ed was drunk and cut himself so they made up a crazy story that would help him sell records. What?

Nicki Responds to Remy Me
OK so Nicki Minaj put out some new music… and one of her tracks is a response to the diss tracks that Remy Ma hit Nicki with. It’s called “No Frauds.”

NBC Upset with Fallon?
Rumors are swirling that NBC is upset with Jimmy Fallon for not being very political, and perhaps taking it too easy on President Trump… especially compared to Stephen Colbert. Jimmy has been slipping in the ratings, and Colbert has been rising (Fallon’s overall viewership has been below Colbert’s). Jimmy has never been political though.

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