By Rami Abou-Sabe

J.D. caught up with DJ Premier, and got the hip hop heavyweight to weigh in on the industry’s biggest beef. “She doesn’t have to respond,” the producer said about Nicki Minaj. “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh what’s gonna happen if she doesn’t?'”

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Premier dove deeper into the fray, reveling in the unmatched skills of instigator Remy Ma. “Remy’s just on fire right now. And she’s hot with that pen,” he says. “She’s got a whole bucket of ink she carries with her pulls that pen out.”

Not one to choose a side, for fear of the “Barbies” Twitter rath, the legendary DJ gave Minaj’s silence a pass. “If she doesn’t respond it’s not gonna be like, ‘Oh, Nicki took a loss.’ Those barbie fans are massive. They’re like BeyoncĂ© fans. They will threaten you on Twitter and troll you like, ‘I will hurt you, I will stab you with pink knives and Barbie guns and all of that.'”


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