By Amanda Wicks

Over the last couple of weeks, Remy Ma went on the offensive against Nicki Minaj, but now she’s willing to put their beef to bed.

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Appearing on Buzzfeed‘s Another Round podcast yesterday (March 7th), Remy said she was done feuding with Minaj. “I don’t regret it, but I’m just not particularly proud of it either,” she said. “It’s over—if [Nicki] wants to say something, that’s cool.”

Remy credited prison with helping teach her to be more supportive of other women and blamed the media for telling a different story. “It just bothers me that this record that I put out where it’s literally picking apart a female went so viral, and every media outlet wants to talk about it and pick it up,” she said. “I feel like we could’ve done the same thing working together.”

Before declaring their beef over, Remy Ma dropped two scorching diss tracks against Nicki Minaj, “ShETHER” and “Another One.”  And she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in funereal garb last week because her grandmother taught her to “never speak ill of the dead.”

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