By: Extra Eric

Ed Sheeran isn’t the only person who can drop a song via a Snapchat filter!

Terror Jr just gave us the grapes yesterday when a glasses filter appeared on the popular social app, which played the song “Come First” in the background. If you haven’t heard the song yet THEN WHY HAVEN’T YOU?! Listen. Now.

The song is straight fire. You might have heard their song “3 Strikes” in the Kylie Jenner Glosses video she made, but they’re sooooo much more than just “that group that had a song in a Kylie video.”

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It looks like they’re about to drop some big Bop City 2 news / snippets. They also announced they’d be doing so through their snap story, so get on it everyone.

After getting “Heartbreaks” it’s pretty clear — Bop City 2 is coming and none of us are ready for these grapes!


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