By: Extra Eric

We’ve been waiting for Charli XCX’s mixtape for some time now, but it looks like fans have discovered another clue about it!

“CHARLI XCX UPDATES” tweeted “If you Shazam the live snippets of Charli’s new songs from the mixtape, this info pops up.
Album title:(mixtape) Number 1 Angel!✨💕”

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The Sucker songstress took to Twitter not too long ago to express her frustration over how difficult it is just to release a free mixtape. She went on to say “everyones like, what about Spotify/Apple/upsetting other majors if it’s free/what if people think it’s ur album/what if it doesn’t ‘do well'”

On a recent Instagram live she dropped a quick snippet of one of the songs with a verse from CupcakKe, which sounds like it’s going to be great.

This mixtape is gonna be fire!


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