Deadpool 2 Teaser: Ryan Reynolds’ Butt
A teaser for Deadpool 2 has been released and if you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds, you better jump in line. He shows his naked butt in the teaser as he’s getting dressed into his superhero costume.

Timberlake Throws Roller Skating Party for Jessica
Justin Timberlake threw a pretty epic birthday party for his wife Jessica Biel’s 35th birthday. They did a roller-skating theme, with t-shirts that read Make America Skate Again. LOL!

SUV Biggie Died in for Sale
The SUV that Biggie was riding in when he was killed is up for sale, so if you have an extra $1.5M lying around, you’re good to go. It’s still in working condition but the door that was riddled with bullets has been replaced. The LAPD has the original door and will only return it after the case is closed. Some lady bought the car years ago at an auction for $10k without realizing it was the car that Biggie died in. She needed it to fit her large family. There’s still a bullet hole in one of the seat belts. The 20th anniversary of his death is Thursday.

Louis Tomlinson Arrested
In case you missed it, Louis Tomlinson was arrested over the weekend for attacking a photog at an airport. Basically, the photog got really close to his girlfriend so Louis grabbed the guy’s camera and tried to get him to stop. The two fought, Louis tripped, and he brought the photog down with him, and the guy hit his head. Once he got back up, he saw that his girlfriend was being attacked by two girls, so he ran over to pull them off. One of them claims she got punched by Louis and wants to sue… Louis was arrested and booked for simple battery.

Adele Confirms She’s Married
Even though Adele pretty much confirmed at the Grammys that she was married – she called Simon her husband – she 100% confirmed it this weekend during a performance. She literally said the words “I’m married now.” OK so can we all relax now? Thanks.

Katy Perry Begs for New Friends in IG Post
Katy Perry walked a red carpet this weekend and had quinoa in her teeth – so she posted a photo and said she’s currently taking applications for real friends who won’t be afraid to tell her that she’s got crap stuck in her teeth.

Ariana Wants to Sing with Judy Garland & Frank Sinatra
Ariana Grande did a nice little Q&A before her show on Friday and I got to sneak in and check it out. Someone asked her who she’d like to duet with, dead or alive, and her choices were Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra.

Jennifer Lopez Explains Why She Won’t Date Marc Anthony Again
Jennifer Lopez was on The View Friday and they asked her about the kiss between her and her ex husband Marc Anthony that went down when they performed on stage together a few months ago. She made it really clear: they’re better off as work partners and not romantic partners.

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