Adele’s Son got Hit by Fireworks
Poor Adele. Her 4-year-old son was watching sound check the other night when fireworks debris hit him in the eyes. She canceled the fireworks but said she might bring them back for her next show.

Oscars Accountant Looooves the Limelight
Things keep getting worse for the accountant who screwed up at the Oscars. It’s being reported that he looooved the limelight… loved walking the red carpet and even pitched an idea to the Oscars producers for a sketch involving him, the other accountant and host Jimmy Kimmel. Hysterical.

Ariana Grande Ignores Creepy Dude Perfectly
Ariana Grande is a true pro. She was performing in Philly the other night and some dude creeped his way on stage through the fog machine… and her security guards were trying to get to him but he came pretty close to her. She kept singing, waved hello and told him and the guards to just chill out once the grabbed him. Rock on.

T.Swift Dropping New Album this Winter?
Ed Sheeran made it sound like his buddy Taylor Swift will be releasing a new album right before Christmas. He said he’s happy that he’s releasing his today because he gets some time to release it without lots of competition like Beyonce, the Weeknd and Bruno Mars because they already dropped theirs. He mentioned that Taylor would likely drop around Christmas because that’s when most people are buying, as gifts. Ed also said that he refused to leave his house for like 4 months. He would just order in and watch movies non-stop.

Katy Perry Chops her Hair Off
Katy Perry has officially chopped off her hair – she looks like a mix between Miley Cyrus and Michelle Williams. She also commented on her break-up from Orlando Bloom, saying “you can still be friends with former partners! No one’s a victim of a villain, get a life y’all!”

Lorde’s Album Dropping this Summer
Lorde dropped her new single Green Light yesterday. She revealed that her album’s name will be Melodrama, and it will drop this summer.

JLo’s Son Wants her to Cover Up
Jennifer Lopez revealed that her 9-year-old son Max asked her why she doesn’t wear pants very often while performing, and asked her to put more pants on. HAHA

Chappelle Specials Hit this Month
Netflix announced that two of Dave Chappelle’s three Netflix specials will be hitting this month. They’re both an hour long and will premiere on March 21st. He’s currently on tour filming his third Netflix special.

Ellen Degeneres Gets Prime Time TV Game Show
Ellen Degeneres is getting a primetime TV spot now, too. NBC just picked up six episodes of an hour-long show hosted and produced by Ellen. It’s called Ellen’s Game of Games and will feature supersized versions of the games she plays on her talk show. It will also give contestants the chance to win big. No word yet on when it will premiere.

Paris Jackson Signs with IMG
Michael Jackson’s 18-year-old daughter Paris just signed a deal with a top modeling agency, IMG models. It represents the likes of Gisele, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Karlie Kloss.

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