Oscars Accountants Need Bodyguards Now
Though the two accountants responsible for the mix-up at the Oscars will no longer be working the Oscars in the future, PricewaterhouseCoopers has had to hire body guards to protect them and their families after a flood of death threats.

JLo has Two Umbrella Holders
Everyone is giving Jennifer Lopez a hard time because she was spotted leaving her apartment building with two people holding umbrellas for her, despite light rain. She was heading to Live with Kelly.

Katie Holmes Reflects on Mommyhood
Katie Holmes has opened up to Towne & Country Magazine about being a mom – Suri is 11 already if you can believe it. She said that while her work is important, nothing is more important than raising her daughter. Katie said she’s determined to give Suri a stable, innocent childhood – and that there’s nothing better than watching her daughter grow up and succeed.

Bruno Mars: Endorsements can be “Gross”
Bruno Mars opened up about his collaborations and endorsements, saying that he doesn’t at all want to feel “gross” – and always wants to maintain his integrity. And as for his performances, Bruno said he remembers going to Prince and Michael Jackson concerts, still, after all these years… and he just tries to perform as best he can to give people the best show possible. LOVE him.

JLo’s Mom Steals her Vegas Show & Dances in Fallon Audience
JLo was on Fallon last night and they talked about how her mom rocks out so hard at her Vegas shows that she is distracting. Jennifer’s mom was also in the audience at Fallon so they asked her to get up and show some moves… and she DID. Too cute.

Lorde Confirms New Single Dropping Today
Lorde confirmed that her new single Green Light is coming out today – 2p. She said this song is the beginning of her story of the last two years of her life.

Ed Sheeran Hit Bieber’s Cheek
Ed Sheeran told the Guardian that he and Bieber went to a bar – but Bieber didn’t drink, just Ed did – when they were in Japan. And Bieber then suggested that the two go to a golf course, have him lie down and put a golf ball on his lips, and then have Ed hit the golf ball. WHAT?!?! Ed said he missed and hit Bieber in the cheek. Um, DUH.

Alec Baldwin Open to White House Correspondents Dinner
Alec Baldwin Baldwin told Kimmel last night that he’s not opposed to doing his impression at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Ariana Grande on Having a Boyfriend
Ariana Grande opened up to Cosmo about having a boyfriend, and her take is quite refreshing. She said she’s never looked at love as something she needs to complete herself; she needs to be complete on her own first to be able to love the other person better.

Coachella Asked Others Before Gaga?
We know Lady Gaga is headlining Coachella for Beyonce. They reportedly reached out to Adele, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and NIN before arriving at Gaga. TBH I can’t imagine replacing Beyonce with anyone other than Gaga, but hey that’s just me.

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