Brian the Accountant Screwed up the Oscars
An accountant by the name of Brian is reportedly responsible for the Oscars mess-up on Sunday. He was supposed to throw away the extra card which identified Emma Stone as best actress… but he was busy tweeting back stage during the show – he posted one of Emma Stone immediately after her win. (Yes… he conveniently took that tweet down.)

Warren v. Faye: I MUST READ THE NAME!
There’s reports going around that Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway actually were fighting with one another at rehearsals over who would who get to read the winner for best picture. TMZ is theorizing that Warren saw the card was wrong and was upset with Faye for demanding to read the winner, so he didn’t warn her about the misinformation on the card… and she was afraid he would jump the gun and take away her thunder… so she just read it without thinking.

Serena Williams Plays Tennis with Randos
Serena Williams was walking her dog the other night in San Francisco when she came across some guys playing tennis on a public court… so she walked over and asked them if they could play together. Obviously, they didn’t turn her down… and she played in winter boots!

Ed Sheeran Joins Fallon & the Roots
Ed Sheeran did a nice little version of Shape of You with Jimmy Fallon & the Roots using Classroom Instruments.

New Lorde Headed Our Way
Looks like we can be expecting new Lorde music pretty soon – most likely Thursday, thanks to an ad that aired in her homeland of New Zealand. There’s music playing in the background and people are convinced it’s her new song. She hasn’t released a new album since her debut in 2013.

Kimmel Comments on Oscars Flub
Jimmy Kimmel spoke about the Oscars flub last night on his show, joking that it was the “weirdest TV finale since Lost.” LOL. He said there was such mass confusion on stage he didn’t know what to do – and that Denzel Washington, sitting in the front row, actually helped him out. He kept screaming “Barry,” the director of Moonlight, to get his attention, and that helped Kimmel facilitate Barry’s speech. He also said that everyone thought he was pranking them.

Fantastic Beasts Script is Ready??
There’s a chance that the script for the second installment of JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them is already written.

Timberlake & Biel are Honest About Parenting
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel opened up about parenting on the red carpet, noting that their son Silas has hit the terrible twos a little bit early. They also revealed that while they love him… they’re not sure if they *like* him. They both also admitted that parenting is really, really hard and they don’t always know what they’re doing.

Emma Stone’s Dress Took 1700 Hours to Make
The dress that Emma Stone was wearing at the Oscars – the gold one with the fringe – took over 1700 hours to create. The entire thing was hand-beaded onto lace. 11 people created it and it took them 70 days. HOLY CRAP.

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