It's Future's second new album in as many weeks. Here are the highlights.

By Rahul Lal

If you’re a Future fan, you may be feeling a bit of deja vu; the Atlanta-based MC dropped his second album in two weeks today (February 24) with HNDRXX. While last week’s self-titled album Future had no features, this album presents a more radio-ready sound including contributions from Rihanna and The Weeknd. By the way, he’s rumored to be working on a third album. But for now, here are the five best songs on HNDRXX.

“Selfish” featuring Rihanna – Name one collaboration between these two superstars that hasn’t been a hit. You can’t. The contrast between Future’s voice and Rihanna’s harmonizing vocals paints the story of two people in love and just looking for a chance to be selfish and focus on each other, rather than the world around them. The Future/Rihanna team strikes again.

“Incredible” – Future delivers a sure radio hit here; one of Future’s many talents is how he’s able to play around with the beat and use his own voice as an instrument. He’ll have you singing the word “incredible” for 30 seconds straight because of how he navigates the beat; you’ll try to mimic him, only to learn that it’s not so easy.

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“Solo” – In this song, Future almost sounds like he’s singing to his baby’s mother, Ciara, who is married to and pregnant with NFL star Russell Wilson’s child. While continuously repeating the words “I don’t want to let you down,” he also goes on to repeat “And my name’s too big, he about to know right now/ I enjoy our time, we been on the loose for a while/ I’m a solo right now, I’ve been going solo now.” Is he trying to get back with Ciara? You decide.

“Comin Out Strong” feat. The Weeknd – This feels a bit like old-school Weeknd because of his smooth voice on top of an upbeat background. The collaboration shows the personality of the two artists who want to make sure people know that they can’t be messed with the hook “They take my kindness for weakness, still comin’ out strong.” Future does a lot of singing on this album and for those who prefer his rapping, this is a bit refreshing.

“Lookin Exotic” – Now, this is the Future we’ve known over the last couple albums. In “Lookin Exotic,” he talks about the way he wants to show a beautiful girl the finer ways by taking her to Paris and buying her “better clothes.” With all the money Future will likely make this month, he’ll probably have no trouble delivering on this promise.

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