Tom Brady’s Missing Jersey Valued at $500,000
A police report has been filed about Tom Brady’s missing jersey – and they’re valuing the jersey at half a million dollars. Apparently someone in Tom’s camp estimated that’s what it is worth – while TMZ claims one of their guys… a guy from the Pawn Stars show… says it’s worth only $200,000. Hater. BTW – Tom and Gisele were reportedly just added as co-chairs of the Met Gala this year, along with Katy Perry, Pharrell and Caroline Kennedy. It’s taking place on May 1st.

Tom Hanks is Publishing First Book
Tom Hanks’ first book is set to be published this October. Apparently he loves vintage typewriters – he owns more than 100 of them – and the 17 stories within the book entitled Uncommon Type: Some Stories will somehow involve, you guessed it, a typewriter. Tom said he’s been writing these stories since 2015 in hotels, on vacation, at home, and at the office.

Mariah Carey: “I’m Incapable of Being in the Real World”
Mariah Carey is opening up even more about her terrible New Year’s Eve performance this year, noting that it was literally everyone’s fault, and she also blames herself for not leaving after rehearsal. She said her dancers should’ve stopped dancing… but she isn’t able to explain it to the entire world because no one would understand unless they have her job. Mariah also noted that she wouldn’t understand someone who had a desk job, saying “I literally am incapable of being in the real world and surviving.”

Paparazzo Selling Britney’s Infamous Umbrella
Yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of Britney attacking a paparazzo with an umbrella at at gas station… and the real classy paparazzo – who is the same guy who managed to get Kanye West to attack him at an airport – is now selling that umbrella… but don’t worry, 50% will go to a charity of Britney’s choice.

Chris Brown’s Ex Gets Restraining Order
Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend Karreuche Tran has gotten a restraining order against him after he allegedly threatened to kill her and harm her friends. She also alleges that he punched her in the stomach twice when they were dating and threw her down the stairs – when he was on probation for assaulting Rihanna. Chris put out a video to his fans urging them not to listen to the BS.

Oscars Swag Bags are Bonkers
The Oscars swag bags are once again bonkers this year and worth over six figures. Only 26 people win the bags – the host of the show, along with nominees from Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress and Best Director). Some of the crazy things they’re giving away: a 5-night Hawaiian vacation, a 3-night stay at an Italian hotel, a vaporizer, plastic surgery, diamonds, personalized Crayola Crayons (I legit want these) and CPR training kits (Helpful? Sure. Strange placement? Definitely).

Ed Sheeran Gives Approval of Harry Styles
Ed Sheeran has reportedly heard Harry Styles’ solo music and said it’s great… so let’s go!

Jimmy Kimmel Considering Retirement
Jimmy Kimmel revealed that when his contract for his late night show ends in 2019, he might not renew. He will have two young children and wants to be home to have more free time – and to concentrate on other creative things that make him happy, like sculpting and drawing or writing a book.

George & Amal Taking More Responsibility
George Clooney opened up even more about the twins he’s expecting with Amal, saying that the two of them have decided to become much more responsible now that they’re almost parents, and they’re avoiding places that are dangerous or where they are not welcome, like South Sudan or Iraq. They plan to live among three countries: Italy, America and England, and will settle down to one spot once the kids are of school age.

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