By: Extra Eric

Okay…the world was not ready for this flawless track.

Everyone knows about the legal troubles Jojo has endured during her career. According to Breathe Heavy, “the arrangement [with Blackground Records] went south and blocked the singer-songwriter from releasing music for an entire decade, including an album reportedly titled Jumping Trains.

Now, the “Disaster” visionary has signed with Interscope Records and recently released Mad Love a few months ago. Breathe Heavy notes that “the music recorded for Jumping Trains has remained under lock and key.” That is, until a remix by Zedd of Jojo’s song “The Other Chick” from that album appeared online today…

This song is an absolute BANGER and will be making your playlists immediately. It sounds like a current song that could dominate radio play, honestly.

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This song is begging for the two to collaborate on a new track together. Might I suggest a remix of “Edibles”?


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