Loren’s LoDown 2/16/17: a Tom Brady Movie?!

Deflategate & SB51 Win Coming to Movie Theaters
Tom Brady’s most recent two years are being made into a book and a movie. It will cover Deflategate to this most recent Super Bowl win. The two writers who created Patriots Day, The Finest Hours and The Fighter will be leading the project. No word yet on timeline.

Grammys Producer Speak About Metallica Mishap
One of the Grammys producers has spoken out about what happened during Lady Gaga and Metallica’s performance, after James Hetfield’s mic wasn’t working for quite some time. They believe that one of the extra people on stage probably knocked the mic cable loose.

Mel Gibson Directing Suicide Squad?
According to reports, Mel Gibson is in the running to be the director of the Suicide Squad sequel. He most recently directed the Oscar-nominated movie Hacksaw Ridge.

Ed Sheeran Releasing More New Music
So much new music this week! Ed Sheeran is releasing another new track tonight at midnight. Though it’s not his next single, it is his favorite song and it’s called How Would You Feel. His album Divide comes out March 3rd.

Justin Bieber Punched a Dude at a Hotel
Back in June I told you the story about how Justin Bieber punched a guy outside of a hotel after the Cavs won the NBA Championship. The guy is now suing Bieber about the incident, and claims that one of Bieber’s bodyguards might’ve hit him too.

Damon’s Man Bun Took 12 Hours to Complete
Matt Damon’s new movie The Great Wall hits theaters tonight, and he recently revealed that when they were creating his man bun that he wore throughout the movie, it required over 700 extensions. And as for how much time – it took them 12 hours to install.

McCain Burns Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher is involved in a group that’s trying to end sex trafficking. He attended a Senate hearing about it yesterday and Senator John McCain joked, “you were better looking in the movies.” Ashton responded by blowing the senator a kiss.

Cee Lo Morphing into Gnarley Davidson
We now know why Cee Lo was dressed so strangely at the Grammys with his all-gold suit and mask (despite him denying that it was him). It’s reportedly part of his transformation to Gnarley Davidson, his new character that he will be making music under. It’s also related to his lame “prank” viral video where his phone blew up in his hand and he fell to the ground at a recording studio.

Jerry Springer Admits Show is Stupid
Jerry Springer spoke to the Today Show about how his show has lasted for over two decades on the air. He said what most of us are thinking – that it’s stupid (LOL). He also said he doesn’t totally know why people come on his show – he thinks it’s because these people never get attention at home and they’re loving that people are actually taking the time to ask them questions.

Kelly Ripa is Mad at Regis Philbin
Regis hasn’t been asked back to host Live! since he left in 2011, and he said it’s because she got offended when he left. He claims Kelly thought he was leaving because of her. He says no way.

Pitbull’s New Album Hits in March
“Climate Change” will be out on St. Patrick’s Day and he’ll have collabs with the usual suspects: JLo, Enrique Iglesias, Prince Royce, Austin Mahone, Robin Thicke and Flo Rida.

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