Hanes Legally Threatens “Cash Me Outside” Girl Danielle Bregoli For Hijacking Champion Logo

By: Eric Donnelly

Hanes ain’t afraid to catch Danielle Bregoli outside that’s for sure!

According to TMZ, Hanesbrands send a letter to the viral hit and her mother demanding she halt production on her “Cashmeousside” hoodies because she completely hijacked their Champion brand logo…and had the audacity to print it on Champion hoodies.

“In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Hanes accuses the Bregolis of using the identical stylized ‘C’ it uses for its Champion logo. The company says it needs to protect its ‘extensive consumer goodwill and reputation.’ Hanes is giving Danielle a week to halt production of any merch using the Champion ‘C.'”

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Is she not aware Kylie Jenner is currently reviving Champion by printing some of her new merch (i.e. fire crew neck) on the famous product? The Dr. Phil sensation cannot be going against the lip-kit king!

Who knows what will happen next, but check out her “starring” in her first music video below in “Everything 1K.”


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