Seven Things You Shouldn’t Put Down The Drain

Most adults know all about this stuff… but obviously I’m a hot mess and had no idea. For my big kid adults here are 7 things you should NEVER put down the drain.

1. Grease, cooking oil or butter. They end up mixing with other stuff and form a thick sludge causing your drains to clog up.

2. Egg shells. They can break the blades in your garbage disposal!!

3. Coffee grounds. They end up sticking to grease and oil that is already in your pipes so it’ll cause a clog.

4. Pasta. It keeps expanding from all the water!

5. Flour. When you mix it with water, it’s basically like glue. So if you spill some on the counter, throw it out.

6. The stickers on fresh produce. They can clog your pipes up, and they can also cause blockages later on at water treatment plants.

7. Expired meds! It could get into the water supply. Scary.

You’re officially an adult. Congrats

-Ya Girl Corinne


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