Ben Affleck is a Swiftie
Ben Affleck talked to Ellen Degeneres about raising his 11-year-old daughter, saying that she’s a huge Disney fan… and that his daughter has turned him into a Swiftie.

Amy Schumer Special Coming to Netflix
Amy Schumer has a new special coming to Netflix. It was taped in Colorado back in November, and it was just announced that it will be premiering on Netflix on March 7th. She joked that she really hopes now Netflix will take her seriously when she says she wants to play the Demagorgan in Season 2 of Stranger Things.

Mariah Carey’s Hollywood Star Defaced
Someone played a little joke on Mariah Carey, defacing her Hollywood Walk of Fame star by adding a question mark after her name – presumably in response to her atrocious New Year’s Eve performance. It has since been cleaned up and looks like Mariah has had the las laugh because her sales increased after the performance.

Mark Wahlberg Listens to Adele to Calm Down
Mark Wahlberg was on James Corden last night and said that when he needs to calm down on a plane, he listens to Adele.

Selena Gomez is Done with Fake Friendships
Selena Gomez did an Instagram Live the other day and talked about how she is done with fake friendships. She said she only has time for friendships that go deeper than surface level, the kind that you learn and grow from. Selena said 2017 is a time for awareness, to be aware of who she is surrounding herself with.

Ed Sheeran Coming to Carpool Karaoke
We can expect Ed Sheeran on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke sometime this year. They haven’t shot yet… and they’ve actually been in talks for three years to shoot it and it’s only worked itself out timing-wise now. As for the content – Ed doesn’t really want to sing his own songs. He wants to sing Biggie’s Big Booty Hoes. He also just posted the track list for his upcoming album.

DASH Store Robbed
Another year, another robbery for the Kardashian clan. Their Los Angeles store, DASH, was robbed earlier this week by a woman who ran in and grabbed lots of clothes and perfume, and then fled in a silver sedan. She made off with about $1600 worth of stuff – which I imagine is about 6 tank tops and 1 pair of jeans – and they haven’t been able to find her.

SNL Lineup Revealed
After Star Wars’ Felicity Jones hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend with Sturgill Simpson, comedian Aziz Ansari will host the following weekend with Big Sean as musical guest.

Gronk Sends Message to Kid with Cancer
Gronk sent a sweet message to a little boy battling cancer after his mother started a viral campaign. Gronk recorded a video for the boy, saying that even though both he and Gronk are going thru little setbacks right now, they’re both going to make some serious comebacks.

Ariana Grande & John Legend for Beauty & the Beast
Looks like Ariana Grande and John Legend might be teaming up to record a song for the upcoming live-action Beauty & the Beast. I am so excited. She posted a selfie in-studio, with a wilted rose emoji, and tagged both John and Beauty & the Beast.

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