By: Extra Eric & Ya Girl Corinne

This seasons is getting GOOOOOOOOOOD!

First we have the ladies posing in different wedding themes, such as Shotgun, Princess, etc., because why not they’re crazy. Corinne then starts going legit crazy by taking off her top, having Nick grope her in front of the girls, then stealing him away from every other girl when they try to get one minute with him.

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Nick finally got to see Left Shark aka Alexis outside of her costume…only for her to be pregnant during the shoot shoot. To top the episode off, Liz FINALLY let the cat out of the bag that she slept with Nick at “Jade & Tanner’s wedding.” Thankfully, Nick caught on and realized she only wanted to be on TV after denying his number “9 months ago” so he sent her home.

Ugh and there was no rose ceremony because it was a To Be Continued… episode. So double the amount of people will probs be kicked off next week’s episode.

Always remember Bachelor Nation — DON’T BE A TRICK AND FALL FOR NICK!


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