By: Eric Donnelly

Thank god we have artists like Tinashe who can kick the new year off with incredible music videos.

Her “Company” video is a choreographic masterpiece and she literally SLAYS every single move — even outshining her other 4 back-up dancers. She debuted some serious dance moves before in the past for “Player” and “Superlove,” but this vid for the Nightride track takes it to a whole new level!

This woman is a SUPERSTAR, so how have people still not watched this video?! You’ll be obsessed with it right from the beginning with the Britney-esque opening moves. The video, which takes place on a light-up dance floor in a make-shift room with circulating walls, allows the choreography to shine — not every artist could pull this off.

Watch the video / post it on Facebook or Twitter / tell all your friends and jump on the Tinashe Train ASAP!


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