by Alisha Jackson

Martin Garrix just made a fan’s year by replying to a tweet that he probably never expected his idol to answer.

“Please sponsor me a flight to Amsterdam Friday,” Chris McPadden tweeted to Martin. “I have two tickets for you and I can’t afford flights right now,” he added with crying emojis.

Within an hour, a miracle occurred. Not only did Martin Garrix see Chris’s tweet, but he responded to it, and he went ahead and bought his flight!

“I bought the tickets to his show when they first went on sale because I was afraid they would sell out,” McPhadden told Billboard, “but I went to Sziget in Budapest in August, and traveled America in September, and the flights had went up 300 euros, and I couldn’t afford them anymore, so I chanced my luck with Martin – and well, luck of the Irish he replied.”

In a series of direct messages with Chris, Martin sorted out the details for his fan’s flight, and sent him a confirmation, which can be seen below.

After Martin booked the flight, Chris took to Twitter to share his disbelief over the whole situation. “I cannot believe what Martin Garrix just did for me,” he said. “That boy seriously is all about his fans.”


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