Billy Bush is OUT at Today Show
Billy Bush is officially out at the Today Show. The details of his exit package have not been disclosed, though rumors had been swirling of up to $10M.

Disney & Lucasfilm Suing Lightsaber Academy
Disney and Lucasfilm have sued a man who runs a place called the Lightsaber Academy… it’s exactly what you think: he teaches people how to fight like a Jedi. He’s being sued for trademark violations. Many are wondering if this means Disney and Lucasfilm have plans for their own lightsaber academy.

James Franco: Sued for Headbutting a Guy?
James Franco is being sued by a photographer who claims that James charged after him, unprovoked, and head-butted him in the stomach during a Lana Del Rey concert. He’s suing for medical expenses and other damages.

Lady Gaga Feels Most Authentic as a Child?
Lady Gaga is opening up about her new album, which is out next Friday. She talked about leaving the crazy costumes in the past, saying “if I wear a black t-shirt and black pants everyday, people might listen to what I write.” She also went on to say “the most happy and authentic I ever feel is when I am who I was as a child.”

Kanye West Complains About Copy-Cats
Kanye West had a hissy fit on stage this weekend, on his floating stage which moves above the audience. He said “this the original! Accept no imitations!” and he kept accusing other people of stealing ideas from him – but he didn’t name any names, but Drake also has a floating stage. (As if Kanye is the first person to come up with the floating stage idea. Like, has he ever been to a Broadway show? People fly over the audience. Get over it.)

Leo DiCaprio Bringing Back Captain Planet
Actor & environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly teaming up with Paramount to produce a Captain Planet movie. It will apparently be taking place years after the original series and will focused on a washed-up Captain Planet who needs the team of kids more than ever.

Phelps Runs Along the Charles with Fans
Michael Phelps is here in Boston for the Forbes Under 30 Summit… and this morning he’s leading a run along the Charles. Our buddy Tom from Boston Tweet is there and he got some audio of Mayor Marty Walsh was there to kick it off and introduce him.

John Stamos Lost Bob Saget Once, Couldn’t go Looking For Him because #Fame
John Stamos was on James Corden last night and told a story about how how he was once at a game with Bob Saget but ended up being separated from Bob and couldn’t find him… so he started looking around for him, but everyone was stopping him to take selfies. When he finally said no to people, they said “F U Uncle Jessie!” HAHAHAHAHA

Gwen Stefani Returning to the Voice
Gwen Stefani is returning to the Voice for next season, which begins in February. Don’t worry – Miley Cyrus will be back next Fall. Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will remain for both seasons.

Colbert Interviews Obama & Snags Live Election Coverage
Stephen Colbert not only helped sharpen President Obama’s interview skills last night on his show – but he also just picked up an hour-long special on Showtime the night of the election called “Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night – Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going to Clean Up This BLEEP?” It’ll start at 11p.

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