Bruno Mars Debuts “Chunky” on SNL
Bruno Mars appeared on SNL this weekend and debuted a new song called Chunky.

Harry Connick, Jr Fills in for Billy Bush
Harry Connick, Jr will be replacing Billy Bush on the Today Show this morning and tomorrow. Billy is reportedly negotiating a payday to leave the show, rumored to be as much as $10M.

Tupac’s Bullet-holed Pendant for Sale
More Tupac memorabilia is hitting the market – a pendant that he was wearing when he got shot in 1994… two years before his death… is on sale. It’s got a dent in it from bullets… and it can be yours for a mere $125k. Though TMZ is reporting that his family is threatening to take action against anyone who buys this because it’s not a sanctioned sale.

Beyonce Rips Earring from Ear, Continues Concert
Beyonce was performing the other night when her earring accidentally ripped her ear; but that didn’t stop her. When she noticed some blood on her fingers, she proved how pro she is because she just kept on singing.

JLo: Broke Up with Casper Because he Cheated?
Rumors are swirling that the reason JLo broke up with Casper Smart for good this time is because he cheated – again. He had apparently cheated before, and she told him if he ever did it again she was out – and when he did, she was gone.

One Direction Reunion in “Foreseeable Future”
Niall from One Direction revealed that even though all of the One Direction guys are doing their own things right now… a reunion is in the “foreseeable future.”

Trump Responds to Alec Baldwin’s SNL Impression

Olivia Wilde Gives Birth
Olivia Wilde and her fiance Jason Sudeikis welcomed their second baby to the family a few days ago – Daisy Josephine Sudeikis was born on October 11th. Olivia made the announcement on Instagram, and said her daughter was born, “like a boss, on international day of the girl.” (Too cute.)

Bieber Buys Roses for Fans
Over the weekend, Justin Bieber finished up one of his concerts in London and decided to buy roses from a street vendor for his fans who were waiting outside. Meanwhile, his ex Sofia Richie was spotted at the same club as him… so there’s a solid chance they’re on again.

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