JoJo Plays ‘Would You Rather’ and Talks Patriots With JD!

by Alisha Jackson

JoJo‘s long awaited third studio album, Mad Love, is out today, so the singer/songwriter/actress JoJo called in to the 1033 AMP Radio studios to chat with JD all about it!

The Foxborough Massachusetts native will be singing the national anthem at Tom Brady‘s first Patriots home game of the season on Sunday, where she promises to turn up, and turn back on her accent!

“So much of my family is gonna be there, so it’s gonna be amazing,” JoJo gushed about the big game. “We’re just all probably going to be turning up, screaming at the field, yelling at Brady. I’m gonna have my jersey on. My accent is gonna come back. It’s gonna be great,” the singer said with a laugh.

Of course, JD couldn’t let JoJo go without playing a round of “Would You Rather.” But since her album came out today, he decided to add a twist to the game. After waiting ten years to release her third studio album, every question’s second “rather” is “or would you rather have your album come out today?”

Would JoJo choose being with her celebrity crush over releasing her album today? How important is Trump not being elected President to her? And what about Tom Brady’s performance on the field? Find out what JoJo would rather in her game with JD below!


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