By: Eric Donnelly

Kim Kardashian-West has returned to Twitter, but only for a quick unfollow spree!

According to US Weekly, the reality starlet has — somewhat — broken her social media silence by returning to her Twitter account to unfollow some accounts. “The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 35, was previously following 121 accounts, but she scaled back to follow just 108.”

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Due to her robbery in Paris, she has had to make changes in all aspects of her life and her social media presence is a major part of that. She has still yet to tweet or post about anything.

An insider told US that, “She realizes she was living in a bubble doing what she was doing. She loved flaunting her wealth and being so public. She felt safe and never really thought about her vulnerability. Now she knows she was so naive. Everything has to change going forward.”

Kim has cancelled all of her upcoming appearances.


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