Gwyneth Paltrow: Dad Said I was an A-Hole
Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about a tough conversation that she had with her late father when she was in the height of her movie career, when she was about 27 or so. He sat her down and said “you’re getting a little weird… you’re kind of an A-hole” and she was forever grateful for keeping her down to earth. LOL

Jim Carrey Sued by Late Girlfriend’s Mom
Jim Carrey is being sued yet again, this time by his late girlfriend’s mother, for wrongful death… and Jim’s lawyers are fighting back, calling it a money-grabbing scheme. Much like the suit filed against Jim by his late girlfriend’s estranged husband, Jim alleges that she had no contact with her mother, either.

Nickelback Fires Back at Other Band
Poor Nickelback, always the butt of a joke… but this time they fought back. A British band called Royal Blood tweeted “Donald Trump + Hillary Clinton = Nickelback” so then Nickelback responded “Nickelback jokes are like Royal Blood, they were a lot cooler a couple years ago.”

Ben Affleck’s Son Loves Another Superhero
Ben Affleck told a cute story on the red carpet about his 4-year-old son’s favorite superhero – who just might surprise you (video below). BTW… on Monday night, he was walking the red carpet of the Accountant premiere, which is, of course, when the Red Sox were playing. Ben was so interested in the game that he started watching the game on a reporter’s cell phone. Ha!

Nicki Minaj: Don’t Rely on a Man to Take Care of You!
Nicki Minaj spoke to Marie Claire magazine about being a chick, and being a chick in the rap world. She encouraged girls not to marry into money and to become independent and not rely upon a man. Nicki also said that she’s always looked up to Jay Z and thought, if he can build an empire, there’s no reason that I as a woman can’t do that either.

Kim Kardashian Suing Site that Accused her of False Claims
Kim Kardashian has sued the media outlet which reported that she made up the Paris robbery. Meanwhile, Radar Online got video of investigators and others inside of Kim and Kanye’s Paris apartment after the robbery. Kim is in the video. Radar Online claims that it discredits Kim’s story because, for example, she was FaceTiming with someone on the couch. Also, People Magazine is reporting that they found DNA evidence at the scene of the crime so they are testing it.

Billy Bush: Fired from Today Show, Suing?
Billy Bush is reportedly fired from the Today Show, and is allegedly negotiating an exit strategy with the show. Billy is reportedly gearing up to sue NBC if they fire him because he maintains they knew about the tapes and had no problem with the content before it went public this past weekend. Meanwhile, infamous lawyer Gloria Allred is on a mission to get Mark Burnett to release tapes from the Apprentice, which apparently show even more offensive comments from Donald. Her argument is that whatever he said while he was shooting the Apprentice is relevant to whether or not he’s fit to be our nation’s president.

Paris Hilton has Spend $46k on 5 lbs of Dog
Paris Hilton has adopted a new teeny tiny teacup chihuahua, an 8oz one that she spent $8,000 on. TMZ did the math: in the past 2 years alone, she has spent about $46,000 on dogs which together weigh about 5 pounds.

Tony Bennett Coming to Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show?
Rumors are swirling that Lady Gaga is looking to have Tony Bennett join her on stage for the Super Bowl halftime show… which would make him the oldest performer to do so!

Timberlake’s Movie Comes to Netflix
Justin Timberlake’s Netflix concert movie is debuting today. It’s about the final nights of his world tour, and directed by the guy who directed Silence of the Lambs.

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