By: Eric Donnelly

Pumpkins are under attack as the Halloween decoration staple now that people have realized pineapples work just as well!

Mashable has discovered that lots of people have begun carving jack-o-lanterns out of pineapples instead of pumpkins. Crazy! “Pumpkins are kind of a pain to deal with, they’re expensive, and let’s face it — carving a pumpkins is just wasteful.”

There’s many reasons to consider trying out carving a pineapple. First, you get to eat all the hollowed out pineapple and make pina coladas out of it! If that’s not a good enough reason, well, it’s also more budget friendly.

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Not really sure where this trend originated — probably in a tropical setting — but it’s slowly becoming more popular! Here’s a DIY video if you want to give it a shot for Halloween this year!


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