By: Eric Donnelly

Daya has got nothing but love her fellow Electric Bouce House performers The Chainsmokers!

In a recent interview with People, when asked about how it was to collaborate with Drew and Alex on “Don’t Let Me Down,” the 17-year-old said, “they’re weirdos — absolute weirdos.” She went on to explain,”we pick on each other…that kind of relationship. They’re the most genuine people. I love them so much — they’re great.”

Not only was this her “big introduction to the music world,” but the boys actually sought her out! “They came to me…they always tell the story that I came to them, but really they came to me. They reached out to me like a year ago or so because we were both through Sony and we both have a connection there. They had both heard ‘Hideaway’ and then they reached out and I had been a fan of their music so it was a perfect match.”

It definitely was seeing as the song is one of the biggest hits of the year. “It’s so awesome to meet up with them on the road and do shows with them and everything.”

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