Loren’s LoDown: 10/5/16

Kelly Clarkson’s Upcoming Album is Soulful
Kelly Clarkson revealed that her upcoming album is going to be soulful, urban and edgy – and we have Steve Harvey to thank. He came up to her after she sang at Obama’s inauguration and told her he didn’t know she could sing like that… so she felt inspired. Kelly added that she feels she’s never been able to record an album that would allow her to reach her full potential. This album is the first time she’s been able to make an album after choosing her own record label.

The Simpsons are Coming to Boston
The Simpsons episode airing this Sunday is going to take place in Boston when Homer brings the family for a “hate-cation” to show that Boston is a terrible city. It references the “Americans” AKA – the Patriots – and players like “Bonkowski” and a #12 who looks a lot like Tom Brady. Homer’s efforts to discredit Boston seem to go awry when he discovers candlepin bowling and all is forgiven.

Karl Lagerfeld Dishes it Like it is on Kim K
Karl Lagerfeld, AKA the head honcho over at Chanel, has worked with Kim Kardashian in the past and while he was supportive of her upon hearing the news that she was held at gunpoint, he was pretty frank about the situation, too, saying: “You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you.”

Kelly Clarkson Bailed on a Date
Kelly Clarkson was chatting with Ellen and revealed the worst thing she’s ever done… which happened when she was out on a date with a dude who was short and kept talking about his height – which Kelly got sick of, so she went to the bathroom and just bailed. She also revealed to E! News that she doesn’t want any more kids, thanks to her miserable pregnancies.

Chris Pratt Joining in on Damon/Affleck/Brady Hang
Remember I told you last week that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Tom Brady are giving you the chance to hang out with them in Boston for a $10 charity donation? Welp, looks like local boy Chris Evans, AKA Captain America, might be joining too! He tweeted the guys because he wanted in, and they’re all for it.

Demi Lovato Going on Hiatus
Demi Lovato announced a little hiatus is coming for her in 2017 – she said she is taking a break from music and from the spotlight, saying “I am not meant for this business and the media.”

Drake Stops by Drake University
There is a university in Des Moines called Drake University… and they have been begging Drake to come by… so of course, after his show in Des Moines last night, he stopped by – but NO ONE was awake! Everyone was asleep and most people missed him… he was snapping and posting some pics to Instagram.

Leo DiCaprio is Going to Mars
Leonardo DiCaprio joined the Lumineers and others at the White House lawn earlier this week for the inaugural “South By South Lawn,” a take on South by South West to talk about climate change. He also told the President that he has signed up for a trip to Mars.

Taylor Swift Playing Super Bowl Pre-Show
It was just announced that Taylor Swift has teamed up with AT&T to play the official Super Saturday Night Pre-Super Bowl party in Houston this year. Taylor has signed with AT&T for multiple years and this will reportedly bring more opportunities for her fans to see her.

Kim K Robbery Update
Little update on Kim Kardashian’s robbery – she apparently told cops that the concierge who was tied up was the one who led the robbers to her apartment, he opened the door. She asked him if they were going to die, and he responded “I don’t know” – but Kim notes that he was very calm the whole time, because he was there with her during the whole thing. Meanwhile, E! News estimates that it costs Kim about $100,000 per day to keep her suped-up security detail. Meanwhile, they might have caught the robbers on camera – there’s a nail salon down the street that had a mirror perfectly placed.

Britney Spears: I would Avoid Madonna & Simon Cowell
Britney Spears was playing make out, marry, kill on a british talk show the other day with Justin Bieber, Madonna and Simon Cowell. She said she would make out with Bieber… and completely avoid the other two!


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